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AmazingLife247, the fastest growing channel of 2 Bucks Entertainment LLC, is dedicated to finding, featuring, and promoting the best real life clips the web has to offer. If you have a worthy recording, whether it be funny, amazing, original, or otherwise entertaining in some way, we would like the permission to upload your video.


AmazingLife247 currently has around 240,000 subscribers and over 83,000,000 video views and is growing at the rate of 700 subscribers and 470,000 views per day. The channel is the premier daily real life clips channel on Youtube and hopes to become known as the central hub of amazing user submitted content on the web.


First and foremost, as we’ve already touched on, your video will be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers and you will be fully credited as the creator. Due to our dedication to crediting and linking the creators of videos, many of our fans who enjoyed the video will be inclined to check out your channel and share your original upload on popular sites like Facebook, reddit, 9gag, and Twitter. Recently, our fans boosted this video by over 2 million views and Tom Mabe’s channel by over 8,000 subscribers with this upload.


Apart from exposure, we offer a cash payment (via paypal or bank transfer) for permission to use your video, typically discussed on a case by case basis.


In addition to websites, your video has a chance to be discovered by Television networks on our channels and may be approached for a licensing deal. We’ve handled requests from networks like ABC and ESPN to contact original uploaders for their videos and we have solid business relationships with companies that deal with Television licensing.


If our offer sounds good, simply reply to the message you’ve already received on Youtube with your email to proceed. If you would like to discuss any special requests, please include that in your message.

If you haven’t received a Youtube message yet, please send in your clip here.

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