2 Bucks Entertainment is a viral content based digital media startup with proven traction and an undyingly loyal audience. Our world class content team has fueled 300% yearly growth since 2010 to 3 MM followers and 60 MM monetized monthly video streams on our social media properties. In addition to our own traffic, 2BE has established an elite network of affiliates with 10MM+ followers and 150 MM+ monthly video streams.

By leveraging the promotion power of our properties and our partners, we will be launching Distractify.com, a site/mobile app that will revolutionize the way the world discovers internet humor, viral content, and current events.




The company began in the Gaming Entertainment industry ┬áin 2010 under founder Yakun Hu, the man behind the “2 Bucks” Youtube personality. By leveraging a personal channel of 30,000 loyal fans, Yakun founded “AmazingFilms247″, the early flagship channel of the company. The community Gaming channel grew quickly and was monetized through Machinima.


With a combination of high quality control, clean production, and innovative marketing techniques, AmazingFilms247′s fanbase spread virally by 1000% in one year – from less than 20,000 to over 250,000 subscribers. The channel engaged viewers daily, garnering 98 million total views. By year end, Yakun began building a talented team to find, curate, and produce content.


On January 1st, 2BE founded AmazingLife247, an ambitious viral video aggregate that became “The Entire Internet in One Place”. Our message inspired the loyal AmazingFilms247 audience to join us on the new channel, which boomed to 330,000 subscribers and 148 million video streams by year end. The 2BE staff quickly expanded to over 25 part time workers to manage the 100+daily community submissions.

In August, 2BE, along with ChiWayEntertainment and 2MZ Media, founded FailArmy, channel that took the popular “fail video” and viral licensing market by storm. With high quality weekly videos and a rigorous, efficient licensing process, the channel took off to over 400,000 subscribers in less than 4 months.


In late 2012/early 2013, development began for a site to take advantage of the traction AmazingLife247, AmazingFilms247, and FailArmy had gained. An idea naturally came for Distractify.com, a site that will combine the company’s strengths in internet humor, viral content, and current events. Throughout the early half of 2013, 2BE swelled to over 50 part time workers and multiple full time employees to began producing not only video but also image and article content for the site. We signed other popular Youtubers totaling over 10 MM subscribers and 100 MM monthly views to drive traffic to the site in creative marketing deals.

Additionally, we brought on consultant George Deeb, an entrepreneur with multiple successful exits as CEO at iExplore and MediaRecall, silicon valley lawyers Gaurav Mathur and Andre Gharakhanian, to make key positions in an advisory capacity. Finally, we signed a highly acclaimed video production company Ocelot Webworks to produce original series.

Throughout this process, the company’s Youtube properties quietly grew to over 3 MM subscribers, 800 MM lifetime views, and 200,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The highly anticipated launch of Distractify.com will take place late May 2013, with a mobile app soon to follow.

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